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The boy Felipe

I heard this history in one CD of Father Airton Freire, from Fundação Terra. It’s one of the gifts that I always receive together with the bills that we use to do donations for this foundation. The track name is exactly that, “Felipe”.


And so happened that in the end of June, was, myself, standing around 15Km from Arcoverde, Felipe came.
- It wasn't possible that kid had arrived here! - That was my first thought.
The place has nothing. No car was arrived. It was around the ninth hour, 15 o'clock. The time when there's beginning the mercy asking, in the time of our Lord. He had his feet bleeding and scared eyes. A children with a weak body, figured by the hungry. He was using only a red color shorts.
My biggest concern was that Felipe was only seven years old. I asked him:
- Felipe, how did you get here?
- On feet...
- Who came with you?
- I came Alone...
- What time did you get out from your home?
- Very early... It was still dark.
- Did you already eat today?
- No. Nothing...
- What did you come to do here?
- I came only to be near you...
- "Estrupiado"?
- Yeap...

"Estrupiado" is a word used in the Sertão of Pernambuco (desert region from state of Pernambuco) that means that, for had walked so much, you’re so hurt that you can't walk anymore.
I put Felipe on my arms. The blood footprints were in the floor. I shed water, vinegar and salt on his feet and yet he didn't cry.
Once he had fed, we covered the floor with a towel and he, who could no longer walk, stood silent, watching. He looked at me with eyes wide opened, as if waiting to be reproached.
I got closer to him. And looking right into his eyes I told him:
- Felipe, I, your Father, love you.
He, after heard me say that three times, collapsed in tears as he was feeling a great relief or pain. He which didn't cry even in his strength limit, couldn't hold himself there. After walking kilometers, Felipe received as reward the embrace of the Father. And from Himself heard the confession "I love you.". After bleeding, could not hold on himself and cried.  
What didn't make he cry by bleeding his feet, made he cry inside his heart. Son trust. Paternal welcome. Felipe, almost seven years old. Felipe, from today and on, I will watch over you!

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