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And your name will be echoing forever inside me...
Echo was a beautiful nymph, a lover of woods and mountains, where she devoted herself to rural distractions. She was Diana's favorite and was her company on her hunts. She had a flaw, though: she talked too much, and in every conversation or argument she always wanted to say the final word.
One day Juno was looking for her husband, who was rightly suspected that was amusing himself with the nymphs. Echo, with her conversation, did entertain the goddess, until the nymphs fled. Realizing this, Juno condemned her in the following words:
- You will only keep the use of that language with which you eluded me for something that you like so much: Reply. You will always say the last word, but you will never be able to speak in the first place.
A few days later the nymph saw Narcissus, a handsome young man, chasing the mountain hunt. She fell in love with him and followed him. How much she wanted to speak to him, to say him kind words and to win his affection! This, however, was out of her reach. She waited impatiently for him to speak first, so that she could respond. One day the young man, having separated himself from his companions, shouted aloud:
- Is anyone here?
"Here," echoed Echo.
Narciso looked around and saw no one, shouted:
- Come!
- Come! Replied Eco.
- Why do you run away from me? Narciso asked.
Eco replied with the same question - Why do you run away from me?
"Let's get together," the young man said.
The nymph repeated the same words with all the ardor and ran to Narcissus, ready to throw herself into his arms.
- Get away! Exclaimed the young man, backing away. "I'd rather die than let you own me!"
"Own me," said Eco.
But all was in vain. Narcissus fled and she went to hide her shame in the recess of the woods. From that day on, she lived in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. In sorrow, her body languished until the flesh disappeared completely. Her bones turned into stone, and nothing more remained, only her voice. And yet, she's still willing to respond to anyone who calls her. Retaining the old habit of always saying the last word.

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